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Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements

Plan Submittal Requirements and Plan Routing Information

The Inspections Department receives and routes plans to the various departments.  The plan holder must provide the information as listed below so that our department can route your plans in a timely manner.  Failure on your part to provide completed, sufficient and correct documentation may result in delays to your project.  The Inspections department must receive departmental approvals before a building permit may be issued.

Plan Routing Application:
Provide a completed Plan Routing Application.  If the project is a new building or an addition to an existing building, a plan review and routing fee equal to twenty percent of the associated permit fee must be paid when plans are submitted.  Interior work that involves food service or other license will require a minimum $35 plan routing and review fee.  Other interior work does not require a fee for review.

Any applicable routing and review fee may be charged to the designer of record or other existing account if noted when you submit your plans.  Plans submitted for such projects without either the fee or arrangements for its billing will not be routed until payment is settled. These fees are based on the full value of the finished building, even when the submittal is for site work or a foundation only.

Plans Required:
Provide a total of five (5) sets of bound and clearly marked plans with the following contents.  Note that interior fit-ups or other projects not involving site work may not require a full five sets of plans.  Any work that involves food service will require a set to be routed to the Health Department. 

Inspections Department: 1 set of complete wet-stamped plans with original signature, including construction plans and specifications.

Planning/Fire/Assessor Departments: 2 sets, each containing Civil site plans, landscape plans, architectural floor plans, and elevations.  See the Planning Department site plan review checklist for details on what is required for approval.

Engineering/Police Departments: 2 sets, each containing Civil site plans & landscape plans

Note: Approvals will require a detailed drawing showing the following items:

  1. Address of project
  2. Name and phone numbers of contact persons
  3. Legal description (lot, block, and subdivision)
  4. Detailed and dimensioned site plans
  5. Easements (if any present)
  6. Driveway locations, access controls, etc.
  7. Drainage plans, storm sewer lines, inlets, manholes, etc.
  8. Sewer service locations, sizes, cleanouts, manholes, etc.
  9. Water service locations, valves, hydrants, sprinkler lines, sizes, etc.
  10. Landscaping (parking lot, open space) 
  11. Residential protection standards 
  12. Construction plans

Planning Department:
701-241-1475 - 200 3rd St. N. - This department reviews for compliance with the most current Land Development Code, including but not limited to the use and dimensional requirements, landscaping and all zoning requirements.

Engineering Department:
701-241-1545 - 200 3rd St. N. - This department will review for compliance with the most current engineering standards, including but not limited to site access to right-of-ways, site drainage, presence and location of services, and presence of any city easements.

Fire Department:
701-241-1540 - 637 NP Ave. N. - This department will review for compliance with the most current fire codes, including but not limited to the necessary proximity and numbers of fire hydrants both on public and private property, the location and sufficiency of access drives on your property, and turning radii available on your site for Fire Department vehicles. Shop drawings for fire protection system(s) shall be submitted to indicate compliance with the fire code and shall contain all information as required by the referenced installation standards. These should be submitted to the Fire Department.

Health Department:
Restaurant-Food/Environmental Health Practitioner.  701-476-6729 – 2301 8th Ave. N. This department will review for compliance with the most current Restaurant Codes. 

Documents Required for Filing

Partial plans and / or failure on your part to provide the minimum documents may result in delays in the routing / review and permitting process.  These need to include but are not limited to the following:

Professional design is required for new building projects if:

  1. The complexity warrants it by the estimation of the reviewer;
  2. The project is more than two (2) stories, inclusive of basement and with consideration given for the presence of a mezzanine;
  3. The project includes Group A, E, I, or H occupancies; and/or
  4. The project is 10,000 square feet or more and is not classified as Group S or U occupancy.

Professional design is required for projects involving remodeling or additions if:

  1. The International Existing Building Code is utilized;
  2. The existing building or addition is over two (2) stories;
  3. The project includes Group A, E, I, or H occupancies;
  4. A change of occupancy will result;
  5. The value of project is $250,000 or more or exceeds 50% of the Fargo Assessor’s market value of the existing structure, except in Group R-3 or U occupancy; and/or
  6. The complexity warrants design based on the estimation of the reviewer.

Plans submitted that were prepared by a design professional must have an original wet stamp and the signature of the designer.  Please use this as a checklist to ensure that you have included all of the necessary information:

  • One completed Application
  • Title sheet and index including a Code Summary
  • Civil Site plan showing dimensioned location of building to all property lines and to all existing buildings on the property, as well as width of any streets, access roadways or easements bordering the property.  These are to include a site plan showing paving and grading plans, utility plans, landscape plans, i.e. hydrants, storm inlets, etc.
  • Fire and life safety plan along with an egress and exiting plan showing graphically or by legend the occupant load, exit path, location and rating of building elements such as fire walls, fire barriers, fire partitions, fire-resistive corridors, smoke barriers, stair enclosures, shaft enclosures and horizontal exits.
  • Foundation and basement plans and details
  • Dimensioned floor plans for all floors
  • Wall elevations of all exterior walls including adjacent ground elevation
  • Sections and details of walls, floors and roof, showing dimensions, materials
  • Structural plans and elevations showing size and location of all members, truss designs showing all connection details, and stress calculations
  • Room finish schedule showing finishes for walls, ceilings and floors in all rooms, stairways, hallways and corridors
  • Kitchen Plans, these include specifications and cut sheets
  • Door schedule showing material, size, thickness and fire-resistive rating for all doors
  • Electrical plans, diagrams, details and grounding of service entrance and power or lighting information required for energy conservation
  • Plumbing plans showing location of fixtures, risers, drains, and piping isometrics
  • Mechanical plans showing location and size of ductwork, equipment, fire dampers, smoke dampers and equipment schedules showing capacity
  • Fire protection plans showing type of system, location of sprinkler heads, standpipes, hose connections, fire pump, riser and hanger details