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Community billboard

The City of Fargo maintains the content on the access channel's community billboard. We accept announcements from citizens and nonprofit organizations for events and programs in Cass and Clay counties. Announcements from groups and citizens outside these counties may also be posted at the city's discretion.

Announcement criteria

Announcements submitted to the channel must:

  • be submitted at least 10 business days before you want the event posted. The city is under no obligation to post announcements that do not meet this deadline.
  • be 30 words or less.
  • include the desired start and end dates for posting.
  • include the contact information for the person submitting the announcement.

**A picture or logo can be included. The file must be submitted as a JPEG file. An image on a PDF or document cannot be used. 

Announcements are typically run through the date of the event. There is no fee for the broadcast of the announcement.

Classified ads or business, political or commercial announcements will not be accepted. No messages attempting to influence public opinion will be permitted, nor will messages containing obscenity, indecency, profanity or sexual content.

The city reserves the right to edit announcements to fit the space available. Announcements may be submitted up to six weeks in advance of an event. Submitting announcements early allows your announcement to receive maximimum exposure by giving us ample time to post it; the billboard is updated frequently, but not daily. Announcements are posted as schedules allow.

Submitting an announcement

There are three options for submitting your announcement for the community billboard:

  1. E-mail it to
  2. Fax it to the attention of Karena Carlson at 476-4136.
  3. Mail it to Karena Carlson at Fargo City Hall, 200 3rd St. N., Fargo, ND, 58102.