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Renewable Energy and Conservation Committee

The Renewable Energy and Conservation Committee (RECC) originated in April 2005. Its misson is "to pursue, plan and implement policies and/or programs that will foster conservation, utilize and develop renewable resources, and protect the environment." 
The committee is a recommending body that studies and implements ways Fargo can best use and conserve natural resources. The committee also focuses on improving energy efficiency in municipal buildings.
Some examples of recommendations from the committee that have already been implemented are:

  • working with EAPC architects on the energy and water saving features of the new Metro Area Transit Garage.
  • expanding the use of biodiesel to the entire city fleet including the Metro Area Transit buses.
  • advancing the development of the methane electrical generation project at the landfill.

Two of members of the RECC were chosen and serve on the North Dakota Biomass Task Force.
The members of the Renewable Energy and Conservation Committee are:

  • Ben Dow, Fargo Public Works Director of Operations
  • Bruce Grubb, Fargo City Administrator
  • Harold Pedersen, Fargo Central Garage Fleet Services Manager
  • James Gilmour, Planning Director
  • Joe Richardson, Fargo resident
  • Ron Gronneberg, Fargo Chief Information Officer

Other participants in the committee's meetings include these members of NDSU research staff: George Watland, Wei Lin, Ken Hellevang and Dennis Weisenborn.