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Commissioners and Liaison Assignments

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney

Department Liaisons: Engineering, Enterprise, Operations, City Commission, 
Human Resources, Health, Finance

Committee Liaisons: Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, Tax Exempt Review, Finance, Liquor Control, Utility, Vector Control, Diversion Authority, Position Evaluation, Metropolitan Council of Governments, Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, Community Development,

Board Liaisons: Airport Authority, Board of Health

City Commissioner Melissa Sobolik  

Department Liaison: Planning

Committee Liaisons: Metropolitan Council of Governments, Cass County Planning, Community Development, Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board, Renaissance Zone, Diversion Authority, Fargo Youth Initiative

Board Liaisons: Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation, Housing Authority, Human Relations, Native American, Planning, Downtown Community Partnership

City Commissioner Mike Williams

Department Liaisons: Fire, Information Services

Committee Liaisons: Metropolitan Council of Governments, Traffic Technical Advisory, Parking, Utility, Cable Review, Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board, Renewable Energy and Conservation, Finance, Diversion Authority

Board Liaisons: Library, Auditorium, Red River Basin

City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn

Department Liaison: Police

Committee Liaisons: MetroCOG, Liquor Control, Position Evaluation, Renaissance Zone, Tax Exempt Review, Fargodome Finance Committee

Board Liaisons: Fargo Dome Authority, Civil Service, Special Assessment


 City Commissioner Tony Gehrig

Liaison assignments have not been determined.