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Commissioners and Liaison Assignments

Mayor Dennis Walaker

Department Liaisons: Engineering, Enterprise, Operations, City Commission, 
Human Resources

Committee Liaisons: Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, Tax Exempt Review, Finance, Liquor Control, Utility, Vector Control

Board Liaisons: Dome Authority, Airport Authority, Special Assessment

City Commissioner/Deputy Mayor Tim Mahoney

Department Liaison: Health, Police

Committee Liaisons: Metropolitan Council of Governments, Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, Community Development

Board Liaison: Board of Health

City Commissioner Melissa Sobolik  

Department Liaison: Planning

Committee Liaisons: Metropolitan Council of Governments, Cass County Planning, Community Development, Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board, Renaissance Zone

Board Liaisons: Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation, Housing Authority, Human Relations, Native American, Planning

City Commissioner Mike Williams

Department Liaisons: Fire, Information Services

Committee Liaisons: Metropolitan Council of Governments, Traffic Technical Advisory, Parking, Utility, Cable Review, Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board, Renewable Energy and Conservation

Board Liaisons: Library, Auditorium

City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn

Department Liaison: Police

Committee Liaisons: MetroCOG, Liquor Control, Position Evaluation, Renaissance Zone, Tax Exempt Review, Fargodome Finance, Committee

Board Liaisons: Fargo Dome Authority, Civil Service, Special Assessment