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Deer management program

The City of Fargo established a deer management program in 2006 to address problems created by a growing herd of deer within city limits. The program allows a controlled archery deer hunt each year in limited areas of the city.

Hunters who participate in the deer management program must complete a training class offered each year by the Fargo Police Department. After taking the classes, participants can apply for a bow hunting permit.

Learn about the History Behind the Deer Management Program.

Areas where hunting is allowed

Fargo Police worked with the Fargo Park District and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to determine where archery hunting would be allowed under the deer management program. Criteria used in selecting these locations were:

  • Potential deer holding habitat
  • Proximity to occupied dwellings
  • Deer herd numbers ascertained from an aerial survey
  • Private property access
  • Public property access
  • Potential for civilian interaction during the archery season

Police wanted to select areas that kept archers and citizens as far apart as possible and areas that made it likely that archers would be successful in their deer-hunting efforts. 

North Fargo : Roughly the area from 19th Ave. N. to 35th Ave. N., on selected property. These areas are the most likely holding areas for urban deer due to large tracts of undeveloped property and woodlands on the Minnesota and North Dakota sides of the Red River.  This area includes flood buyout property, Fargo Park property (north of the VA Hospital) and private property (Cardinal Meunch and Peterson farm). Recommended permits: 30.   

South Fargo: Lemke Park, 32 Ave. S., Harwood Drive area, and Conservancy Park.  These two areas are comprised of undeveloped Fargo Park property. Also included in south Fargo are wooded areas along the Red River adjacent to Riverside Cemetery.  Recommended permits: 15.


The state has authorized 45 hunters to participate in Fargo’s deer management season. Up to 30 people can hunt in north Fargo, and 15 spots are authorized for south Fargo. If there are more applicants than spots available, a lottery will be held to select the hunters.

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