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Flood Control Projects and Protection

Emergency flood fighting efforts have been skillfully planned out by city engineers in a detailed Fargo Flood Protection Plan.  The plan includes such activities as building emergency earth and sandbag levees, pumping and other measures to protect homes and sewer systems (storm and sanitary).  In addition to emergency flood fighting activities, engineers work toward reducing the emergency element by constructing permanent flood control projects.

These projects could be permanent levees, floodwalls, drainage enhancements or additional pumping capacity (lift station).  With each permanent feature installed, less dependency is required on emergency measures.  This means fewer sandbags, or rapid deploy flood fight products need to be purchased, filled, transported, placed and then removed post flood.

The Ridgewood Flood Control Project was functionally complete in the fall of 2009.  It provides a permanent solution for the protection of the Ridgewood area from floodwaters that exceed a 100-year flood event.  Conversely, the South Side Flood Control Project has been shelved due to the proposed Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion.

Project information and useful links are available in the left margin of this page.

Flood Protection Incentive Program (FPIP) 

There are also flood protection projects happening in backyards.  Property owners along the primary protection line are eligible to apply for the Flood Protection Incentive Program.  This program allows owners to apply for reimbursement of rear yard flood protection costs.  This annually funded program has benefited many homeowners since 1997.  For more information about this program see the FPIP web page.

Property Buyouts 

Since 1997 the City of Fargo has purchased and removed over 200 properties from high risk, flood prone areas.  This action provides for an enhanced primary line of protection by reducing the number of emergency sandbag levees, equipment and people located in areas where access to build flood protection is limited.


In addition to specific flood control projects like those mentioned above, Fargo also incorporates floodplain management practices into all areas of the design and planning of our infrastructure.  New additions are reviewed for floodplain parameters as are roadways and sewer systems to help build a more flood resilient community.