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Ridgewood Flood Control Project

elm st flood wallThe Ridgewood Addition, located east of Elm Street between 15th & 18th Avenue North, has been an area of great concern during recent river flooding events.  Protection for river front homes in this area has come at a high price and almost always results in the properties sustaining flood & property damage.  Between the years of 1997-2008, 26 at risk homes in the Ridgewood Addition were acquired and removed to make way for a permanent flood protection project.

In 2008, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) awarded the contract for construction of the Ridgewood Flood Control Project to Rising Sun Construction, Inc. of Fargo, ND.  Total project cost for the Ridgewood Flood Control Project is $7,939,500.  The cost sharing for the project is broken down as follows: 

  • City of Fargo:  $2,084,750
  • State of North Dakota:  $2,084,750
  • USACE:  $3,770,000

The USACE and the City of Fargo worked conjunction on this project with the USACE acting as the lead agency for the design, inspection & construction.  Houston Engineering, Inc. of Fargo, ND will be assisting the City to certify the project.    

The Ridgewood Flood Control Project consists of a series of earthen levees and concrete floodwalls that begin at the south end of the Veterans Administration Hospital flood wall and terminates west of Elm Street along 15th Avenue North. The Ridgewood Flood Control Project will be built to a river stage elevation of approximately 45 feet.  For reference, the spring flood of 2009 had a river stage elevation of 40.82 feet.

temporary flood wallWhen the Red River reaches flood stage, 18 feet, the lowest portion of Elm Street becomes submerged and Elm Street is closed to traffic.  If the river is projected to rise to a river elevation greater than 35 feet, the city of Fargo Street Department will install the removable floodwall across Elm Street at 15th Avenue North. 

This flood control project will protect properties in the Ridgewood Addition along with providing protection for the storm and sanitary sewer systems surrounding the Ridgewood Addition in north Fargo. Preventing floodwater from infiltrating the sewer systems is critical during a flood event.  Floodwater that infiltrates the sanitary and storm sewer system will backflow through the pipe network causing floodwater to expel from inlets, manholes, plumbing fixtures connected to the sanitary sewer system (if the homeowner installed plug fails) & into low-lying areas until equalization with the river level is established.

rip rap installation
Construction of the Ridgewood Flood Control Project began in the fall of 2008 with the installation of new storm sewer piping. Rock rip rap was also installed on the river banks to slow the effects of riverbank erosion.  In the summer of 2009, subcontractors performed work including the rebuilding & raising of the earthen levees, installation of concrete floodwalls & the installation of a new storm sewer lift station. The project was completed in the summer of 2010.

Following the completion of the Ridgewood Flood Control Project the City installed new concrete curb & gutter, asphalt pavement & street lights in the Ridgewood Addition.

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