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2nd Street Flood Control Project

After careful consideration, the Fargo City Commission has selected option “1F” as the preferred flood protection plan along 2nd Street North, from approximately NP Avenue to 6th Avenue North. This option provides flood protection for portions of the downtown area along with public green space and a walking path along the river. It also calls for the realignment of 2nd Street between 1st Avenue North and 6th Avenue North and the closure of the intersection at 3rd Avenue and 2nd Street.


2nd Street North, from NP Avenue to 6th Avenue North, requires the construction of a temporary earth levee whenever the river is projected to reach major flood stage at a river gage level of 30-feet or higher. This temporary levee protects areas of downtown from floodwaters and has been installed five times in the last five years. In fact, it was required to be installed two times in 2013 alone due to separate spring and summer floods.
While the City has been successful to date in holding back the Red River with these temporary measures, it is vital to establish permanent protection that is far more reliable than the emergency efforts.  In the summer of 2013, the City of Fargo developed four options to help reduce flood risk in the downtown area along 2nd Street North from approximately NP Avenue to 6th Avenue North.  These original four options can be viewed below. View full project description with maps and images: PDF or PowerPoint

Options considered (PDF)

  • Option 1A : Floodwall, maintain 2nd Street. $23.2 million.
  • Option 1B : Floodwall, maintain 2nd Street, ability to accommodate grade separated pedestrian connection. $23.5 million.
  • Option 1C : Floodwall, abandon 2nd Street. $21.8 million.
  • Option 2 : Floodwall with grade separated traffic and pedestrian facilities (tunnel). $44.1 million.
  • View all proposal maps in one document (PDF)

Public Survey

To help determine which project option would move forward, the City gathered public feedback via an online survey. From this feedback the City developed another option, 1F, which was presented to the City Commission on Dec. 9, 2013. At this meeting the City Commission approved alignment 1F of the floodwall and 2nd Street roadway. Further analysis of landscaping features along the alignment and the new green space area is still ongoing and will be presented to City Commission at a later date.


Landscape &

This presention offers a look at materials and landscape designs that will be incorporated into the 2nd Street flood protection project. View concept presentation (PDF).

Public comment

Residents are encouraged to offer suggestions and comments about aesthetics to the engineers overseeing this project via email at