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Oakcreek and Copperfield Court Flood Risk Management Management

The neighborhoods of Oakcreek and Copperfield Court have petitioned the City to create a project to study options for reducing the risks to the neighborhood associated with bank stability and flooding. The City of Fargo has assembled a project team that includes Houston Engineering, Braun Intertec, and Hanson Design to analyze the situation and try to provide guidance to the community on possible projects.

To accomplish this, a preliminary analysis was completed that included soil borings, and other data collection.  From the preliminary analysis, the City developed 13 options that have been presented to the neighborhood in multiple meetings. Recently these options were presented to the neighborhood on February 15 and 16, 2012.  Each option has been evaluated by the project team and they have concluded that the technical recommendation would be Option B1. All options can been seen in the PDF or PowerPoint from these meetings in the right column of this webpage.

The City acquired seven of the creek side houses in 2012. A majority of these structures will be sold at a public auction on Monday, March 18, 2013. Please feel free to visit for further details regarding the auction.

Throughout the 2013 calendar year the City will pursue the acquisition of the remaining creek side houses, auctioning the properties to the public, demolishing/backfilling the foundations & constructing levees across the front portions of the lots.