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River Vili Flood Risk Reduction Project

In an effort to minimize the amount of emergency measures needed to protect properties in the River Vili development from river flooding, the City of Fargo, in conjunction with KLJ, developed a flood risk reduction project that was constructed in 2012 and 2013.  This project featured 15 property acquisitions, earthen levees, concrete floodwalls, storm sewer improvements and tree plantings.  Previous flood fights within this neighborhood required the construction of emergency sandbag and clay levees.

Under the development of this project within River Vili, the City also reviewed possible tie back connections from this project to University Drive.  From this review, it was determined that the best connection to University Drive would be through City owned property to the south of the River Vili addition.  This was identified as the preferred alternative since it would provide an opportunity for the City to relocate Storm Sewer Lift Station #63 from its current location to a location with sufficient room to reconstruct the lift station.  This lift station has been previously identified as needing improvements due to the insufficient pumping capacity and the current location difficult to access and maintain. 

The City of Fargo applied for a grant through FEMA in 2012 to cover up to 75% of the construction costs for the relocation of Lift Station #63.  A part of the grant application, FEMA required that the City complete an Environmental Assessment (EA) on the proposed project.  The City is accepting written comments on this document until 5 p.m. February 25, 2014

It is anticipated that the City will find out in early spring of 2014 if it was successful in receiving grant funding for the project. If successful in receiving the grant funding, it is anticipated that construction would occur in 2014.