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Road Closures

The following road closures will take place when the Red River reaches flood stage (18 feet) at Fargo.

Stage (ft) 
Street Location Responsibility Reason
18'  Elm St 14th - 15th Ave N  Fargo Flood
24' North Broadway North of 37th Ave  Fargo/Clay Flood
25' 9th Ave/N River Rd Mickelson Field  Park Board/Fargo Flood
28' 12th Ave N Red River Bridge Fargo/Moorhead/Bridge Co Flood
30' 2nd St N 1st - 5th Ave Fargo Dike
31' 2nd St S Main Ave - 4th St Fargo Dike
33' Lower Terrace At Elm St Fargo Flood
34' Oak St 8th - 11th Ave N Fargo Dike
34' 1st Ave N Red River Bridge Fargo/Moorhead Dike
35' South Terrace 125 South Terrace Fargo Dike
36' 15th Ave N At Elm St Fargo Floodwall
36' 14th Ave N Oak - Elm St Fargo Dike
39' 48th/49th Ave S South Acres Fargo Flood
Overland flooding 52nd Ave S Drain 53 ND DOT/Fargo




Current road closures : This includes flood and construction related closures