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Online Fargo Flood Related Video

Videos of Metropolitan Flood Management meetings, Metropolitan Flood Study Group meetings and public flood meetings (when possible) will be available online one day after the meeting takes place. Meetings will also be broadcast on cable channel TV Fargo 12 (Cable ONE digital channel 56).

View Flood Meeting Live
**Compatible with Windows Based Players

View the Red River live
**View of the Red River at 2nd St. S. in Fargo

Flood Volunteer Videos

Flood volunteer videos
Name Description
How to Volunteer 2011 See what it's like to volunteer at Sandbag Central
Sandbag Central Behind the scenes at Sandbag Central
The Flood of 2010: A Plan in Action Meet the men and women who helped protect Fargo
Home or High Water How to protect your home from flooding

Flood meetings & news conferences

March 25 - meeting