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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My smoke detector is beeping and there isn't any fire. What's wrong?
The detector may be full of dust and lint. Try cleaning it out with a vacuum cleaner.

The detector may also sound from triggers other than just smoke. Aerosol products may cause detectors or steam from a shower may also cause a detector to sound.

Finally, the battery or detector may be wearing out. The life expectancy of a smoke detector is 7-10 years; it may be time to replace yours.

I have a large pile of dead trees I would like to burn. Can I?
Open burning is only allowed in the City of Fargo by permit. The permit application is available at the Environmental Health office located at 401 Third Avenue North. If the permit application is approved locally, it must then be mailed to the state health department for final approval. Normally, the permit will be issued within 7-10 days.

Are there any costs for Fargo Fire Department services for residents of the City of Fargo? 
There are no charges for medical runs and fire runs made by the Fargo Fire Department within the city limits. However, cleanup for any unauthorized discharges of hazardous materials will be borne by the owner, operator or other person responsible for the unauthorized discharge.

Can I have a campfire (recreational fire) in my yard? I would like to sit around it with the family, sing songs and roast marshmallows!
YES, if you follow the recreational fire rules.