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January 20, 2012 Minutes

JANUARY 20, 2012, 12:00 TO 1:30

Present:  Michelle Donarski, JD; Nicholas Dorsher, DDS; Dinah Goldenberg; Ken Pawluk; Richard Rohla, MD; and Mike Thorstad
Excused:  Tim Mahoney, MD; and Diane Moderow
Others Present:  Larry Anenson, Ruth Bachmeier, John Baird, Myron Berglund, Jennifer Field (MSUM Student), Desi Fleming, Marissa Manske (MSUM Student), Doug Murphy, and Kim Vance

Michelle Donarski called the meeting to order.

Announcements: Removed Accreditation from the agenda and added Community Health Assessment. Reminded board members to attend the Tuesday, January 24 comprehensive city planning meeting. Public health week is in April and the theme by the American Public Health Association is “A Healthier America Begins Today.” Kay Leclerc passed away. Michelle asked question about NDPHA membership.

Approve minutes: Dinah Goldenberg made a motion to approve the minutes of November 18, 2011.  Dr. Rohla seconded, motion carried.

Budget report through December 2011: Still waiting for some revenue. For expenses 96% has been spent of our budget and 97% of revenue. 
Fourth Quarter Statistical Reports: Discussed “Other” category in Environmental. Clinic numbers are down for two reasons, part time Nurse Practitioner resigned and new guidelines for Pap smears. Talked about Family HealthCare Center services as Federally Qualified Health Center. Fargo Cass Public Health focus is the overall population health and it is much broader with policies and ordinances.
Health Officer Report: Dr. Baird circulated hard copy of report and highlighted consulting with TB control nurses, Point of Dispensing (POD) exercise, refugee statewide board, and work with Bismarck Legislative committees. Also, works with special populations at Turtle Mountain and Fort Berthold Reservations.
Tobacco Position Statement Discussion: Larry talked about tobacco use as a public health concern because 1 in 5 deaths in US is from tobacco use and the need to eliminate smoking in indoor spaces. Discussed proposed resolution from North Dakota Department of Health compared to 2006 position statement. Discussed being restrictive in local government and should we proceed with the little towns in ND at the county level.  Talked about federal Center for Disease Control funds and what it pays for at FCPH plus cessation services at NDSU, Sanford, Essentia, Prairie St. John’s, ShareHouse, and Quitline and QuitNet referrals.  Ruth discussed working with the youth and schools. This intervention is not considered a CDC best practice by our funders.  Dr. Rohla made a motion to approve the Tobacco resolution, Ken Pawluk seconded, and motion carried.

Update on Referral Process:  Desi has had great conversations with our referral partners and gotten referrals to a manageable level for the nursing staff.
Job Description/Restructuring Changes: Ruth circulated organization chart with some structuring changes and described the process of job description review.
Community Health Assessment: Distributed 37 questions for the Community Health Assessment and how we need this qualitative piece for our community for National Association for Local Boards of Health certification.  Need a way to distribute for broader community opinions. Dinah suggested an e-newsletter through the Fargo Public Schools. Need to be creative so people will fill it out. It was suggested that some dental information be included.

Other: Next meeting is March 16, 2012.

Adjournment:  Nicholas Dorsher made a motion to adjourn and Ken Pawluk seconded.