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June 27, 2013 Minutes

JUNE 27, 2013, 11:38 AM

Present: Michelle Donarski, JD; Nicholas Dorsher, DDS; Dinah Goldenberg, Carol Grimm, Tim Mahoney, MD; Neil Larson, Mike Thorstad, and Mary Scherling

Excused: Richard Rohla, MD

Others Present: Larry Anenson, Ruth Bachmeier, Doug Murphy, Melissa Perala, and Kim Vance

Michelle Donarski, Chair, called the meeting to order.

Announcements:  Michelle has resigned and Ruth thanked Michelle for all her wonderful years of service.

Approve minutes from May 17, 2013: Mary moved to approve the minutes from May 17, 2013, Mike Thorstad seconded, and motion carried.

Budget 2014:  Packets were distributed and Ruth presented the proposed 2014 budget. 

Revenues: Started by explaining the federal grant revenue passing from the North Dakota Department of Health through to FCPH (Fargo Cass Public Health). Ruth went through each line item on the revenue explaining about some decrease in grant funding for Maternal Child Health, Family Planning, Tobacco Settlement, and increase in Bioterrorism. Cancer, HIV, Infant Immunization, Tuberculosis, Environmental Health, WIC, Hep C, and Refugee grants remained the same. State Aide is not as high as anticipated, however there was an increase. Mary had a question on the two percent COLA given to city employees.  Ruth explained that the Commissioners see how the budget is going and base the COLA on the revenue.  Family Planning self pay is decreased and Family Planning insurance payment is increasing. Increasing International Travel revenue as this program continues to grow.  Health Track clients are going down consistently because of changes in regulations. Question on if the expanded MA will affect children at all.  We have heard that it will add adults to the system. Now to qualify you can be any age, any gender, and at the required income level.

Cass County and Correctional Health are increasing staff salary and benefits. West Fargo will cover more time of our staff. Environmental lab is doing more water testing and we do charge other communities for services. Victim Impact Panel is increasing based on Judge sentencing more people. 

Expenses: Do not have the salary and benefit numbers from the City yet, so increase may be about $200,000. Tobacco money is being used to reach high risk groups and to provide service to non-English speaking individuals. Explained ND Cares (Ryan White) as a new line item. Question on line item Other Services and explained that it should be Other Contracts and how it works. Board asked for a definitive description with more detail. Explained building rent difference because the nursing and health promotion staff moved to our building. Talked about cell and regular phone system and how we are not in control of those expenses. Have cut down on travel to allow for some more staff to go to some workshops.  Decreased pharmacy because we are not purchasing Nicotine Replacement Therapy any more. 

Cass County Proposed Budget: Reflects the staff dedicated to the Cass County budget. 

Jail Budget: This reflected change made by converting a full time CMA position to a LPN position in December of last year.

West Fargo Budget: Increasing our environmental health practitioner to 75 percent. 
Dinah Goldenberg made a motion to approve the 2014 budget, Mike Thorstad seconded, and motion carried.

Resignation: Dr. Mahoney nominated Dinah Goldenberg as President, Carol Grimm seconded, and motion carried. Dr. Mahoney nominated Mary Scherling as Vice President, Mike Thorstad seconded, and motion carried.

Adjournment: Mike made a motion to adjourn and Mary seconded. Next meeting is Friday, September 20 at noon.