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March 23, 2012 BOH Minutes

MARCH 23, 2012, 12:07 TO 1:30

Present: Michelle Donarski, JD; Dinah Goldenberg; Ken Pawluk; and Mike Thorstad
Excused: Nicholas Dorsher, DDS; Tim Mahoney, MD; Diane Moderow; and Richard Rohla, MD;
Others Present: Larry Anenson, Ruth Bachmeier, John Baird, Myron Berglund, Sam Ellingson, Desi Fleming, Onan Liduba (Intern), Robyn Litke, Holly Scott, and Kim Vance

Michelle Donarski called the meeting to order.

Announcements: Ruth said thank you to Linda for providing a replacement for Kay Leclerc for the Board of Health position.
Budget Report through February 2012: February revenue will come any day now.  Explained Ryan White program, WIC phone budgeted with regard to new city wide phone system, and postage line. Ken and Michelle had questions regarding Ryan White program expenses and Melissa explained how it works.

Health Officer Report:  Dr. Baird circulated a written report.  Highlighted TB cases, post office anthrax procedures, emergency preparedness, refugee health issues, and meetings. Did meet with Dr. Warren, NDSU, public health master’s program, and looked at the ways we could work together.  Recently traveled to Washington, DC for NACCHO and met with legislators. Ken had questions regarding table top exercises and disaster drills at airport as coroner.

Public Health Week April 2-8: Ruth circulated Public Health week brochures. An invitation was sent to BOH members from Ruth to celebrate national public health week.  Ruth will be speaking at the breakfast and booths will be available.  Asked if a BOH member would like to do an opt ed article or editorial on your experience or your public health perspective.

Practice Management System and Electronic Health Records: Melissa said that in 2009 the center for Medicare and Medicaid services put regulations in place and we have until June 2012 to comply. Our Software HealthPro will end so we had the option to move to new software for only the price of training. We are doing online training right now.  User training is scheduled for May and we should go live on new software in June. Electronic records will be started after this is over.  Michelle had question about practice management systems. This is what you see when you check into a clinic. Someone has to enter, code changes, process payments, and send bill. We will have a robust reporting program so we will be able to produce the statistics for our department.
Tobacco Funding Report and Discussion: Larry, Samantha Ellingson, Holly Scott and Robyn Litke began a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation by highlighting that the tobacco program has the same vision as FCPH. Larry included the financial breakdown of the Tobacco Prevention and Control Grant. He said the money cannot be used to work on campaigns for legislative purposes and the staff can only advocate and educate. After the presentation the Ken had questions about how nicotine products are distributed, percentages of clients quitting, and about tobacco users in the jail and clients from Cass County Social Services. Mike asked about school tobacco programs and why smoke-free ads are still playing. Ken said that our department can move to new frontiers such Buffalo, Hickson, and Horace. Those communities continue to allow smoking and Ken feels FCPH should work with the residents in those communities or at least educate them on the process. The ad does apply to those small communities.  Michelle has seen great success related to tobacco, but does not like walking through smoke to get into a restaurant when people are smoking near the entrances. Myron said that a customer complaint is more effective than our agency doing anything. Ken suggested someone should recommend what the guidelines should be. Ken did not believe the law allows a family to come in and eat in a restaurant if the restaurant is also a bar and he felt that needs to be addressed.
Other: Next meeting is Friday, May 18, 2012. June 28th is budget meeting and everyone is encouraged to attend that meeting.