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Goal: People will participate in government and politics.

"This goal reflects Cass County residents belief that broad-based and energetic citizen participation in the political process and civic affairs is a sign of a healthy democracy."186

Note: Descriptions used directly from a printed document are in quotation marks and cited to the source.

Indicator 34: Voter Participation
"High voter turnout is an indicator that people are interested and believe they can make a difference in government." 186  

Voter participation 2004 2006 2008 2010
Fargo  66.0%  39.3% 71% 45%
Cass County  70.9%  39.1% 71% 50%
North Dakota  64.9%  44.5% 64% 45%
United States 45.0% 48% 58% N/A

Percentage of voting-age population who voted in the November election in respective geographic areas. NA=Data Not Available in April 2011.

Data Sources:  Cass County Auditor187, North Dakota Secretary of State 188, U.S. Census Bureau189 190 191