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Task Forces

Task force members have met twice, at the Discovering Local Food Solutions community event and National Food Day-October 24, 2011, to revise their purpose statements. These are the current purpose statements for each task force. If you were unable to attend the previous community event and task force meeting and would like to be involved, please sign up using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Cass Clay Food Systems Initiative

Overall Goal: To increase access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food for our residents by strengthening all aspects of the local food system.

Outreach and Education
Purpose Statement: Improve the knowledge and promotion of production, purchase, preparation, and preservation of local foods.

Food Infrastructure
Purpose Statement: Expanding the supply and facilitating the flow of local foods among producers, consumers, and institutions, throughout the food supply chain.

Economic Development
Purpose Statement: Supporting entrepreneurship, providing a business roadmap for start-up and expansion of Cass and Clay County food producers, processors, distributors, sellers, and consumers, and measuring established outcomes.

Urban Agriculture
Purpose Statement: Influence and implement policy and positive development for use of public and private space to support individuals and local food systems.

Food Access
Purpose Statement: Increasing and sustaining the availability, affordability, and access to safe, nutritious, and affordable foods to all Cass and Clay County residents.

If you would like to be involved please send an e-mail to indicating which of the task forces you may be interested in along with your contact information.  If you are unable to be part of a task force but would like to share your experience in another way let us know that as well.

Task Force Meeting Schedule