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2014 Community Gardens

A community garden is a plot of land gardened by people. The land can be owned publically or privately and can be gardened by either the owners of the land or the people that join the garden—or both. True community gardens are open to everyone and provide an area to grow fruits and vegetables. The garden is divided into plots which can be owned by individuals or groups. Whether or not there is a cost associated with claiming a plot is up to the owner(s) of the land. 

Calvary Methodist
Address: 4574 45th St. S., Fargo
Contact: Lori and Bob Baumann, Karen Fleming, Church Office
Phone: (701) 232-8062; (701) 232-0596; (701) 232-5650
Plot: Available to church members, no individual plots. 

Catalyst Medical Center
Address: 1800 21st Ave. S., Fargo
Contact: Glen Urlacher-Farmer in the Dell of the Red River Valley
Phone: 701-219-0622

Community Homes
Address: 702 23rd St. S., Fargo
Contact: Nola Storm (, Jack Wood, Julie Gunkelman
Phone: (701) 793-8888; (701) 238-4028
Plot: Primarily for community homes members, currently serves 30 families.

Golden Ridge Neighborhood Community Garden
Address: 730 27th St North, Fargo
Contact: Joan Bachman
Phone: 701-388-8495
Plots: Primarily for Golden Ridge Neighborhood residents, GRLC parishioners, Tri-City Haitian parishioners

LSS Garden (Growing Together)
Address: 3910 20th Ave. S., Fargo
Contact: Jack Wood or Nola Storm
Phone: 701-238-4028 or 701-238-4028
Plot: Community volunteers work in the garden, produce goes to new American residents only, two plots each 100’ X 100’, serves 40 families.

McKinley Youth Garden
Address: 30th Ave. N. and 10th St. N., Fargo      
Contact: Todd Weinmann
Phone: 701-241-5707     
Plot: 20’ X 20’, $10, garden in intended for youths.

Address: 1825 South University Dr., Fargo                               
Contact: Reba Mathern-Jacobson
Plot: No cost; open to everyone - intended for parishioners and new American residents. 

Oak Grove Park Community Garden
Address: Wildflower Grove Park, Fargo
Contact: Tom Tolman or Sherry Sorensin at: 701-237-5868 or
Karen Anderson at: 701-271-0270 or 701-232-8603,     
Plot: open to the public, 33’ X 66’, $35 full, $20 half

Probstfield Organic Community Garden  
Address: 11th St. N./Oakport St. and 43rd Ave. N., Moorhead 
Contact: Jennifer Krause or Abby Gold
Phone: 701-388-3309
Plot: Open to the public, $35.

Rabanus Park Garden
Address: 4415 18th Ave. S., Fargo
Contact: Jack Wood
Phone: (701) 238-4028
Plot: Intended for new American residents however is open to the public for volunteers, serves 20 families.

The Gathering (Growing Together)
Address: 3910 25th St. S., Fargo
Contact: Jack Wood
Phone: (701) 238-4028
Plot: Community volunteers run the garden and produce goes to new American residents only. Serves 30 families

Yunker Farms Community Garden
Address: 1201 28th Ave. N., Fargo                            
Contact: Yvette Nasset
Phone: (701) 232-6102
Plot: 20’ X 30’, $20, will start taking reservations in April (first come, first serve).
*This community garden does not provide water to individuals who purchase plots.      

If you know of more community gardens in the area, please contact us and let us know! Call 701-241-8195 or  We know that the list of community gardens is ever changing.  We do not intend to exclude any community garden not mentioned here.