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Mission Statement

To provide leadership and partnership in the development and implementation of practices that are designed to recruit and retain a highly qualified, engaged workforce for the City of Fargo.


We commit to truthfulness, fairness and the highest professional standards.

We live up to what we say by following through on our commitments. We strive to advance the success of others, and the city as a whole, through positive leadership strategies.

We actively work to build effective partnership with all city departments and officials. We support each department in meeting its goals by acting as an effective, dependable and efficient resource.

We achieve inclusiveness by valuing individual contributions, embracing diversity and strengthening our cultural competence. Our role is one of advocacy for policies and practices that foster such a culture.

Vision and Innovation
We are visionary and innovative leaders within the City of Fargo. We work with city leadership to develop necessary changes in policies and practices to meet the current and future human resources needs of the city.