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July 28, 2009 Minutes

Board of Trustees
Fargo Public Library
Minutes of July 28, 2009

Present: Richard Zeck, Dawn Morgan, John Dietz, James Council
Others: Friends Representative, Janet Murphy
Staff: Tim Dirks, Greg Gilstrap, Elizabeth Madson, Ginny Mueller     

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President, Richard Zeck.

Motion was made by Dawn Morgan to approve the minutes of the June 16, 2009 meeting; seconded by John Dietz; motion carried. 

Staff Report
Greg Gilstrap reported that the Children’s Department has been extremely busy with the Summer Reading Program.  Presentations since the last board meeting include
•      Music by Mark Proulx (in partnership with The Forum’s Newspapers in Education program)
•      Storytelling with Michael Gallo
•      Scandinavian Storyteller Marin Hinderlee (in conjunction with the Hjemkomst Center)
•      Dance Instruction from Just For Kix instructor Shauna Larson
•      Gooseberry Park Players gave a preview performance of Pinafore Pirates
•      A special story time featuring “Silly Stories and Songs”
Coming up we will see a puppet performance from Kids on the Block and Beginning Magic classes.  Attendance has been great at the programs as well as summer movies.  The Children’s Department has also conducted 8 tours at Main and provided Outreach at various summer schools.
There are a number of events and programs planned for adults this fall.  Among them is a visit and book signing from Robert Dodge, the author of Prairie Murders, scheduled for September 3.
Teen Programs at Main have been steadily increasing.  A mural, now hanging in the Teen Room, was created in conjunction with the “Express Yourself” theme for the Teen Summer Reading Program.
We had a Crafts & Outreach Table at the Midwest Kids Fest on June 19th and also at the annual Fargo Police Community Picnic at Island Park on June 21st.
On July 18th, we underwent an upgrade to our ILS system, and even though there were a few glitches, everything is now working well.

Director’s Report
Tim Dirks introduced Elizabeth Madson, our new Collections Manager, who started work yesterday, July 27th.  We are very pleased to have her as a part of Fargo Public Library.  Also, Tim announced that Sarah Kauffman, Children’s Coordinator, has resigned and her last day will be August 7th.  We have begun the recruitment process and there has been a very good response.  We will begin interviews in August. 

The Library’s budget proposal for 2010 was presented to the City Finance Committee earlier this month.  We are requesting additional staff as follows:
            1 full-time Librarian I
            1 full-time Library Associate II
            10 additional hours per week for the Community Relations position
We have requested an additional $30,000 to the operating budget and $10,000 to replace a microfilm reader.  This will bring the operating budget to the same level as 2009 because of the elimination of rent paid out for Mini-Main.

Tim Dirks attended the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago from July 9th through 15th, along with Diane Briggs and Lori West.  The programs attended dealt primarily with the utilization of social networking tools, (Twitter, Facebook, blogs) and assessing what our patrons need and want.  It was very informative.  Diane Briggs and Lori West will present information regarding the workshops they attended while at the convention at a later date.

Statistical Reports

June Usage
There were over 1200 new registrations for the month of June, which brings the number of registered patrons to over 38,000.  The door counter was not working at Main during June so we do not have an accurate count, but it has since been repaired.  We are down in Program Attendance compared to 2008 but show an increase in Volunteer Hours, Internet Signup and Web Page Hits.  The City is working with SunDog in order to update our website, and we will be informed about their recommended improvements soon.  As mentioned at earlier meetings, there may be a shift of usage between the Main Library and the branches, but when we look at the Total Circulation for all locations, we have increased over 30% compared to June, 2008 and over 4% year-to-date.  That is a very positive sign.     

June Financials
Special Project accounts earned interest of $14 and deposits from the staff for purchase of pedometers were recorded in June.  Expenses were for books purchased as a result of a generous donation from Gale Chapman

The year-to-date expenses and encumbrances through June 2009 (50% of the year) represent 43.44% of the annual budget.     

Funds deposited for fines, meeting room rental and copier fees totaled $10,140.87 in June, 2009, for a total year to date revenue of $39,627.35. If we continue at this rate, the revenue for 2009 will exceed projections.

Friends of the Library Report
Jan Murphy reported there was no Friends meeting in July.  The book store continues to be busy and they now have a computer.  Two students, who were retained through Job Service, are working for July, August and part of September.  Because of them, we are able to keep the store open longer hours.  After September, we will be back to all volunteer hours. 

Old Business

Meeting Room Policy Draft
Director Dirks presented a second draft of the Meeting Room Policy which reflects changes discussed at the last Board Meeting, as follows;

A. There will be no fee for use of a conference room if it is available and there was no advance booking.

B. There will be a $20 fee for use of the library’s laptop.

Changes made from the original meeting room policy adopted in 2007 are:

A. Requests for audiovisual technologies to be used in the Community Room at the Main Library must be made at the time the room is reserved.

B. Requests for specific arrangements of chairs and/or tables in the Community Room at the Main library must be made at the time the room is reserved.

C. Organizations renting meeting rooms must comply with all relevant state and local ordinances, including licensing and copyright requirements in regard to program content.

D. Change in fee structure for technology usage.

Questions were asked regarding Paragraph 5 under the Statement of Policy and Principles, which states, “All meetings must be open to the public.  Meetings may not be restricted to any particular group or individuals.”  After discussion, James Council made a motion to accept the revisions to the Service Policy for Meeting Rooms; seconded by Dawn Morgan.  Motion carried. 
Public Comment
There was no public comment.

Next Board Meeting
The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 18, 2009, at 4:00 p.m. in the City Commission room. 

The meeting adjourned at 4:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ginny Mueller