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June 16, 2009 Minutes

Board of Trustees
Fargo Public Library
Minutes of June 16, 2009

Present: Herb Snyder, Dawn Morgan, Suzanne Morrison, John Dietz
Others:  Friends Representative, Janet Murphy
Staff:         Tim Dirks, Greg Gilstrap, Ginny Mueller     

The meeting was called to order by President, Herb Snyder.

Order of Agenda
Herb Snyder moved to add an item, Photo Collection at the Institute of Regional Studies, to the agenda under Old Business.  Suzanne Morrison seconded; motion carried.   John Dietz made a motion to approve the order of agenda as amended; seconded by Dawn Morgan.  Motion carried.

Motion was made by Dawn Morgan to approve the minutes of the May 19, 2009 meeting; seconded by Suzanne Morrison; motion carried. 

John Dietz was introduced as a new Library Board Member, replacing Gregory Heller.  Welcome, Mr. Dietz.

Staff Report
Greg Gilstrap reported on the successful kick-off of the Children’s Summer Reading Program on June 8th, 9th and 11th at the various library locations.  The reading incentive programs, activities and Friday family movies will take place for children and teens throughout the summer, ending August 15th.  We are coordinating with the Forum and Newspapers in Education program in bringing Musician Mark Proulx to the Main Library on June 18th in conjunction with the “Be Creative at Your Library” Summer Reading Program.

Library staff members will be participating in the annual Midwest Kid Fest, held in Island Park on Friday, June 19th.

The Staff Development Team announced the Employees of the Month award for June goes to 4 staff members.  They are Amanda Bremmon, Ben Daeuber, Dave Brunelle and Nicole Hofer. 

The Adult Summer Reading Program has begun.  Six books must be read by six different authors prior to August 15th.  There are prize drawings for those eligible patrons at the end of the program.

Director’s Report
Tim Dirks referred the board to his written director’s report and stated that an interview has been scheduled with a candidate for the Collections Manager position next week.  Interviews are being scheduled for 2 Library Assistant I open positions.  Mr. Dirks has been in contact with Richard Moorhead, of the Image Group, regarding the punch list items.  The infiltration testing has been done and we are awaiting the results.  The West parking lot has been painted, indicating the direction motorists should go when using the book drop.  Dunn Bros. has provided us with their construction plans for the coffee area, and Richard Moorhead is satisfied with them.  They have hired Meinecke-Johnson to do the construction and the project should be completed by the end of the summer.

Statistical Reports
May Usage

Door Count and Internet Signup for the Main Library was unavailable for May, but both hardware and software issues for those are being addressed.  Because of the newness of the Main Library, the numbers are somewhat skewed.  Patrons who would normally frequent one of the branches are naturally curious about the new building and visit Main.  Therefore, Carlson and Northport both show usage decreasing compared with May 2008.  New Main has obviously increased in usage and circulation, when compared with May 2008 at the 408 Roberts Street location.  It will take some time, probably approximately one year, for the statistics to reflect an accurate comparison.

May Financials
Special Project accounts earned interest of $11 and accepted donations of $1135.00 during the month of May.  The primary expenses resulted from the Major Donor Reception.  Other expenses were for staff appreciation and books purchased in conjunction with specific donations.

The year-to-date expenses and encumbrances through May 2009 (42% of the year) represent 36.05% of the annual budget.     

Funds deposited for fines, meeting room rental and copier fees totaled $5810.00 in May, 2009, for a total year to date revenue of $29,748.14. 

Friends of the Library Report
Jan Murphy stated that at their last meeting the Friends approved the purchase of Information Stands to be used in the lobby of the Main Library.  The Friends store has been bringing in approximately $100 per day which they are pleased with, considering they have volunteers for very limited hours. The Friends are trying to increase membership and thereby recruit more volunteers in order to expand the store’s hours.  Items which the Friends would like to purchase for the store are computer, telephone and marking gun.  The annual meeting is in September.  There are 45 paid memberships this year. 

Old Business
Meeting Room Policy Draft

Director Dirks presented a draft of a Meeting Room Policy submitted by the Community Response and Procedures Team.  Specific changes and additions to the standing policy were
A.      Requests for audiovisual technologies to be used in the Community Room at the Main Library must be made at the time the room is reserved.
B.      Requests for specific arrangements of chairs and/or tables in the Community Room at the Main library must be made at the time the room is reserved.
C.      Organizations renting meeting rooms must comply with all relevant state and local ordinances, including licensing and copyright requirements in regard to program content.
D.      Changes in fee structure for rent and technology fees.

There was discussion regarding the fees for Laptop and LCD Projector and the variance between Carlson Library and Main Library in Conference Room fees for those groups under 12 when a conference room is available.  Tim Dirks will research the fees charged by other library groups and clubs in cities the approximate size of Fargo.  Also, the Community Response and Procedures Team will meet for the purpose of providing a new draft of Meeting Room Policy, following the direction of the Board.

Photo Collection at the Institute of Regional Studies
The Institute of Regional Studies is currently storing approximately 80 photographs for the Fargo Public Library.  The Institute preserves their own photographs by scanning them and placing in acid-free plastic covers, which is a very labor intensive process.  They proposed that the Library donate the 80 photographs currently stored to the Institute of Regional Studies.  In return, they would digitize and do in-depth cataloging of them to ensure their preservation and make them available in digital format to the citizens of Fargo.  If the library agreed, the Institute’s website would contain a link to the Fargo Public Library website.  There is a one-time $1000 entry fee in order to become a member of the Institute of Regional Studies.  After discussion, a motion was made by Suzanne Morrison that the Fargo Public Library donates the photographs currently stored by the Institute of Regional Studies to the Institute and that the Fargo Public Library becomes a member of the Institute of Regional Studies.  Motion seconded by Dawn Morgan.  Motion carried.
Public Comment
There was no public comment.

Next Board Meeting
The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21, 2009, at 4:00 p.m. in the City Commission room. 

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ginny Mueller