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Collection Development - Children's Fiction

15. Childrens Fiction

The Children's Fiction collection contains books appropriate for independent readers in second through sixth grade. Books include literary classics, award winners, historical fiction, adventure, humor, horror, sports fiction, and contemporary realistic fiction. In library locations where space permits, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and graphic novels are shelved in separate sections for the browsing and reading convenience of library patrons. Childrens fiction paperback books are interfiled with the hardcover books in the fiction section.

The books contained in the Childrens Fiction collection range from picture books to full length chapter books. Large print editions of selected classsics, award winners, and otherwise popular titles are also included in the collection.

When making selection decisions for the collection, emphasis is placed on literary quality and anticipated popularity. Multiple copies of popular titles are purchased to meet demand. Some series catering to current pop culture trends are purchased in paperback because of their anticipated brief popularity with readers and the desirability of paperback over hardcover with pop culture audiences.