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Collection Development - Gifts and Donations

25. Gifts and Donations

The Library welcomes book donations in two areas. First, the Library is committed to developing collections that preserve the history of Fargo and North Dakota. In addition, the Library is interested in well-developed unique collections that may be donated in their entirety. Donations of other books or materials not meeting the above criteria may be made directly to the Friends of the Library (Tel: 701.364.2665, Email:

The Library does not provide value estimates for items donated to the collection but may give a count of items donated at the request of the donor. Donations to the Library become the property of the Library. Donations may be added to the Library's collection, given to the Friends of the Library for resale or otherwise disposed of as the Library determines.

Monetary gifts to support the collection development efforts of the Library are always welcome and unrestricted gifts are particularly encouraged. Donors may, at their discretion, indicate that a monetary gift is to be used to further enhance and purchase materials for a particular section of the collection. Donors may be recognized with book plates or with such other recognition as the Library Director may deem appropriate.

Restricted gifts of materials, such as those that require an item be added to the collection or maintained for a certain period of time will not be accepted without the prior approval of the Library Director. Approval of restricted gifts will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.