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Collection Development - Introduction

1. Introduction

The Fargo Public Library provides effective and efficient library services to meet our customers personal, professional, and lifelong learning needs.

Vision Statement: The Fargo Public Library will be a vital center of knowledge for all the people of Fargo. We will be a leader in traditional and innovative library services, reflecting the dynamic spirit of our citizens.

Purpose of the Policy: The purpose of the Collection Development Policy is to serve as an official statement of the Fargo Public Library's commitment to meeting the informational and recreational needs of the community served, as well as to provide guidance to the staff of the library for meeting these needs.

Community Served: The City of Fargo is a medium sized city on a path of growth and change. This community, served by the Fargo Public Library, is becoming increasingly diverse, and the library will need to recognize this ethnic diversity and the way it will affect collection development practices.The library also serves residents of adjacent communities either through reciprocal borrowing agreements or paid registration. The librarys selection process, therefore, should be flexible and responsive in meeting the informational and recreational needs of the general public while also recognizing the needs of special population groups in the changing Fargo community.

Community Assessment: In addition to general community awareness, the library will continually use various assessment tools including surveys, customer registration data, customer requests, and information from other community groups, to best determine how to meet the information and recreational needs of the community. The library is committed to a flexible, evolving, and ongoing assessment process.