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Media Relations

Service Policy: Media Relations

The purpose of this policy is to make sure that communication between library employees and the news media happens in an orderly and systematic way and that accurate information is conveyed. Nothing in this policy should be construed as attempting to stifle or limit such communication. Questions from the news media relating to a particular program or service of the library should be referred to the staff member responsible for that area, (for example, questions relating to the Summer Reading Program may be referred to the childrens department). Media inquiries related to other areas, such as policy interpretation, budget, building programs, etc will be referred to the library director or to the directors designee. In the case of emergencies or in particularly sensitive matters staff members should contact the director or deputy director at home and these individuals will coordinate a response with the Library Board Chair. In the event that neither individual can be contacted the matter will be referred to the designated person-in-charge.

Approved 7-18-2006