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Naming Rights

Service Policy: Naming Rights

In order to effectively leverage private resources, to provide the citizens of Fargo with the highest quality library services, and to provide citizens and organizations the opportunity to participate actively in the growth of the Fargo Public Library, the FPL Board of Directors has adopted the following policy concerning the granting the naming of library facilities and other physical property:

  1. Donors may choose to sponsor an entire library building, a major service area within a library facility, or a meeting or conference room.
  2. Donors may also contribute to the purchase of groups or individual items of furniture, sections of shelving or service desks, items for the library collection, works of art, or any other fixtures within a Fargo Public Library building.
  3. The library board will develop a list of monetary values assigned to specific naming rights at a later date.
  4. The naming of an entire library building will require the concurrence and approval of the Fargo City Commission.
  5. Corporations will not be allowed to purchase naming rights to a Fargo Public Library building but will be allowed to obtain them for rooms and service areas within a building or for any furnishing or fit up items in the library.
  6. Naming rights will only be granted for monetary as opposed to in kind donations.
  7. All donors who contribute at a level to be determined by the Library Board of Directors to the library capital campaign will be recognized with a name plate or wall plaque in the library building.
  8. The Fargo Public Library Board of Directors reserves the right to reject donations by individuals, groups, or organizations whose views or public statements are felt to be contrary to the mission and/or best interests of the library.

Approved 9-20-2005