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Service Policy: Registration

Borrowers cards are available without charge to residents and taxpayers of Fargo; to residents of communities with whose public libraries FPL has reciprocal borrowing agreements; to students in Fargo public and private schools whose residences may be outside the city limits; and to others as approved by the Library Board of Directors.

The registration period is three years. The exception are Internet-only cards (1 year).

Nonresident cards are issued to people who do not reside within the city limits of Fargo or who are not covered by a reciprocal borrowing agreement. Registrations are valid for one year. The nonresident fee is set by the Library Board of Directors based on the librarys per-household revenue from property taxes. Currently there is no nonresident fee for North Dakota residents. Periodically the Library Board of Directors will review nonresident fees.

Internet-only cards are issued for nonresidents who choose to use only Internet services. This card has no borrowing privileges. An Internet-only card is $5 for three months. A picture I.D. must be provided showing nonresident status.

To get a borrowers card persons must present a picture I.D., proof of current residence (drivers license, utility bill, rent receipt) and complete the application form. If a person applies for a borrowers card online, a picture I.D. and proof of current residence must be presented when picking up the card.

For persons who do not live in Fargo: Residents of the 7-county area served by Lake Agassiz Regional Library and West Fargo residents must present a valid local library card in addition to a picture I.D. and proof of address. If residents of the LARL system and West Fargo do not choose to have cards from their local library system they will be charged the nonresident fee.

There is a $1.00 replacement fee for lost or missing library cards.

Businesses and corporate cards: Cards will be issued for one year. A letter of application appointing a responsible party and written on company letterhead must be completed and signed by the chief executive officer or president of the business.

Classroom and Daycare sites: The teacher or daycare director completes the registration form. The card is issued in the teacher/directors name or the name of the classroom/daycare and the person who signed the registration form is responsible for all materials checked out on the card.

Children age 15 and under must have a parent or legal guardians signature on the application.

If proof of residence is not available, the registration will be processed. First-time checkout is limited to 2 items. The card will be mailed. If the card is returned for incorrect address the patron record will be blocked.

Approved by Library Board of Directors: 7-16-2002
Revision approved 1-28-03;
Revision approved 12-13-05;
Revision approved 4-16-2013