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Service Policy: Serials


The Fargo Public Library first and foremost purchases and retains serials that satisfy the research needs, informational needs, and educational needs for the citizens of Fargo, ND. In addition to these needs, the Fargo Public Library will also use serials acquisitions to satisfy popular and local interests.

Serials are maintained at all library locations and designated into three different age categories (adult, teen, and children).

Policy Statements:

The Periodical Committee is responsible for the selection of materials for the serials collection. The Periodical Committee will meet once a year to discuss policy issues and acquisitions/discards for the current year. Serial orders are placed in August with new serials beginning on the first of the following year. Ordering, maintaining, and discarding of serials is performed by the Technical Services Department.

The majority of serials are retained for the current and previous two years.

Selected serials will be retained and archived for as long as possible.

Discontinued serials will be kept until the end of the year publication stopped.

Approved by the Library Board of Directors: 7-27-2004; Revised 6-17-2014