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Service Policy: Serials

The Fargo Public Library first and foremost purchases and retains serials that satisfy the research needs, informational needs, and educational needs for the citizens of Fargo, ND. In addition to these needs, the FPL will also use serials acquisitions to satisfy popular and local interests.

Current Departments with Serials:

  • Adult Room
  • Childrens Room
  • Northport Branch
  • Outreach Services
  • Southpointe Branch
  • Teen Services

Policy Statements

Each department will be responsible for their own serials collection. This includes ordering, maintaining, and discarding current serials and archived serials.

All departments will meet collectively once a year, in July, to discuss policy issues and acquisitions/discards for the current year.

All departments will place the bulk of their orders in August.

Retention of magazines will fit into one of these areas:

  • 6 months
  • Current year
  • Current two years
  • Current five years
  • Current ten years
  • Ongoing

(Ongoing describes a magazine that will be collected as long as possible and that will be retained as long as possible) When a magazine that is not labeled as ongoing discontinues its services, then that magazine will only be retained for one year. Other Serials related issues will be decided at the departmental level.

Approved 7-27-2004