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Barricade Bulletin

 Last updated May 13, 2016 

sidewalk barrels Main Library's west parking lot: The library's west parking lot along 4th Street North now has 13 additional parking spots available for library patrons. Handicapped parking is also available in the library's west lot.

2nd Street Flood Control Project**:

1st Avenue and 3rd Street North Intersection: The intersection of 1st Avenue and 3rd Street North is open.

1st Avenue North closed from 3rd St. North to the Red River: Currently, 1st Avenue North from the Red River to 3rd Street North is closed. This stretch of road will remain closed through the summer. This closure is part of the in-town levees being constructed under the FM Area Diversion Project.

The Library/Civic Center parking lot: Parking in the Library/Civic Center parking lot has been further affected by the 2nd Street Flood Control Project. The parking lot along the east side of 3rd Street North (northeast of the Main Library) has a limited number of designated library parking spots. These spots have a 3-hour time limit in order to accommodate as many library patrons as possible each day. 

Please note: It is business as usual for the Main Library and staff in terms of hours, events and programs.

During the construction project, pedestrian access to the Main Library will remain the same. Entrances are located along 3rd Street on the east, and along 4th Street on the west side of the Main Library. 

We are apologize for any inconvenience.

** Pedestrians are asked to use caution when crossing streets and avenues while the construction project is underway.

A complete, updated list of Fargo street closures can be found at online at Follow @FargoStreets on Twitter.

We will provide updated information with regard to pedestrian and parking access to events at the downtown Main Library as the 2nd Street Flood Control construction project continues.