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Homework Help - Science

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Check out this famous scientist's fun site!

How Stuff Works
Want to discover the inner workings of things like cell phones and black lights? This site will reveal the answers.

WebElements Periodic Table

Read NASA news, play fun games, learn about the solar system. Best for gradeschoolers.

Weather Whiz Kids
A weather site created just for kids! Learn about hurricanes, tornadoes, cloud formations, and more! Conduct some weather experiments and read about weather safety.

Savage Earth
Information, photos, and animated volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

Discovery Channel - Tornado
"Grow your own tornado" on this site and watch it's path of destruction. Learn how tornados form and how to survive during one.

What's It Like Where You Live
Discover the biomes of the world, including the types of plants and animals that live in each biome. Best for gradeschoolers.

Ecosystems and Biomes
Learn the difference between an ecosystem and a biome. Best for gradeschool and middle school students.

Earth and Sky - Kids
Fun activities and informative articles and quizzes for kids.