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Children's Department - Recommended Reads

Perfectly Percy by Paul Schmid (picture book)Perfectly Percy
Ages 4-8

Percy the Porcupine has a particularly pressing problem. He loves balloons, but he can't seem to keep any around! Percy thinks hard about how to solve his dilemma and finally comes up with the perfect solution. Can you guess what it is? If you enjoy solving problems, and you like balloons even half as much as Percy, you'll love this sweet story about an ingenious young porcupine. With simple text and delightful illustrations, Perfectly Percy is a wonderful book to read aloud.

DarkIsle by D. A. Nelson (juvenile fiction)
Ages 9-12

When ten-year-old Morag is locked in the cellar by her cruel guardians, she is cold, hungry, and terrified by thoughts of what may lie in the darkness at the foot of the stairs. Just as she musters the courage to descend, she quickly realizes she's not alone! Instead, Morag is befriended by a talking dodo bird and rat who have taken a wrong turn in their quest to recapture the stolen Eye of Lornish; a stone that protects the animals' magical homeland of Marnoch Mor from an evil warlock and discovery by mortals. Follow along with this unlikely trio as they face danger and battle magical creatures along their heroic journey - while also making a few more friends along the way. Will good once again defeat evil or will a ten-year-old human turn the magical world upside down, changing all the rules? Find out in this exciting story of mystery, suspense, fantasy and fun!

Those Rebels, John & Tom by Barbara Kerley (juvenile Those Rebelsnonfiction)
Ages 7-10

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson couldn't have been more different from one another. One man was loud and obnoxious. The other was quiet and genteel. But both men loved America and wanted to see the fledgling country freed from the bonds of King George of England. Learn how two opposites overcame their differences and joined together to help make history in this charming book with comic-style illustrations. A fun peek back in time, this story also provides a timeless lesson about cooperation and friendship.

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