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Juvenile Fiction Books

Being Teddy Roosevelt by Claudia Mills
Ages 7-10Being Teddy Roosevelt

Fourth-grader Riley O'Rourke tends to be forgetful, which often has a negative effect on his school work. So when Riley decides he wants to play the saxophone, his mother is reluctant to support the idea. Riley's grades are already suffering, and saxophones are expensive—especially for a single parent. But when Riley is assigned to complete a report on former President Teddy Roosevelt, he learns what a little determination and "bully" attitude can accomplish. With Roosevelt as his inspiration, and with a little help from his friends, Riley confronts the obstacles in his path. Does he ever get a saxophone? Read Being Teddy Roosevelt to find out!

Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters by Lesley M. M. Blume
Ages 9-12

Cornelia and the AudaciousFor most of her 11 years, Cornelia S. Englehart has been lonely. The only child of a world-famous pianist who is rarely home, Cornelia spends much of her time reading her dictionaries and learning big words that help keep her isolated from others. After all, people aren't really interested in getting to know Cornelia. They simply want to get closer to her famous mother, Lucy. When Virginia Somerset, an elderly writer, moves into the apartment next door, Cornelia's world changes forever. With Virginia, she finds a friend who shares her love of words. Virginia is also a rich source of thrilling stories detailing the many adventures she shared with her three sisters as they traveled through Morocco, Paris, London and India in the early 1950s. Through Virginia, Cornelia learns just how much the world has to offer - and the great power of friendship.

DarkIsle by D.A. Nelson

When ten-year-old Morag is locked in the cellar by her cruel guardians, she is cold, hungry, and terrifDarkIsleied by thoughts of what may lie in the darkness at the foot of the stairs. Just as she musters the courage to descend, she quickly realizes she's not alone! Instead, Morag is befriended by a talking dodo bird and rat who have taken a wrong turn in their quest to recapture the stolen Eye of Lornish; a stone that protects the animals' magical homeland of Marnoch Mor from an evil warlock and discovery by mortals. Follow along with this unlikely trio as they face danger and battle magical creatures along their heroic journey - while also making a few more friends along the way. Will good once again defeat evil or will a ten-year-old human turn the magical world upside down, changing all the rules? Find out in this exciting story of mystery, suspense, fantasy and fun!

The Dream Stealer by Sid Fleischman
Ages 9-12The Dream Stealer

The Dream Stealer has had enough of the nightmares he normally takes from children as they lay sleeping. They frighten him. So he's started taking pleasant dreams instead. But when little Susana Cristobal has her dream stolen, she wants it back! Susana soon devises a way to trap the theif and retrieve her dream, which has been stashed away in the Dream Stealer's strange castle. It's a mission that's easier said than done - especially when the nightmares get loose! Find out if Susana is successful in this unusual story. And perhaps you'll want to keep a notebook by your bed to write down your pleasant dreams - just in case you might lose one!

Fearless by Elvira Woodruff
Ages 9-12

 Frlss by WoodruffEleven-year-old Digory Beale must grow up quickly when his father's ship goes down near the coast of Cornwall, England in 1703. Left in the care of his widowed aunt and her eleven children, only Digory can make the 100 mile trek to determine if his father survived. After his younger brother Cubby follows him, the two encounter a series of adventures and shady characters, eventually settling with the fantastical inventor Henry Winstanley. In this story, inspired by the life of the real Henry Winstanley (1644-1703), creator of Winstanley's House of Wonders and the Eddystone Light, Digory becomes the inventor's apprentice. But Digory soon learns more than a trade from his mentor. When a great storm threatens the life-saving lighthouse so carefully crafted by Winstanley, Digory learns the power of true conviction and courage.

The Ghost Sitter by Peni R. Griffin
Ages 9-12

GhstSttr Ten-year-old Susie Miller knew something had changed as she shot through the sky one Fourth of July evening. What she didn't realize was that she had just died. As her little sister cries, Susie promises her she'll never leave. So when the family moves away shortly after that fateful night, Susie stays behind. For 50 years Susie watches families come and go, and she occasionally helps babysit, though only children are able to see her. Then Charlotte Verstuyft and her family move in. At first apprehensive about interacting with the resident ghost, Charlotte comes to feel sympathy for Susie who is stuck as a ten-year-old and desperately misses her family. Though she's forbidden to even talk about ghosts, Charlotte decides to help Susie and learns a lot about life...and death in the process.

The Gold Rush Kid by Mary WaldorfThe Gold Rush Kid
Ages 9-12

Life in Skagway, Alaska during the gold rush is tough enough for 12-year-old Billy McGee and his big sister, Edna Rose. But when their mother passes away shortly after their father sets out to seek fortune along the Klondike Trail, things go from bad to worse. Rather than being sent to live with an uncle, Billy and Edna Rose hit the trail themselves in search of their father. With bossy Edna Rose leading the way, the two face challenging obstacles and close calls in this historical tale of adventure and survival.

Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke
Ages 9-12

Igraine the Brave Igraine was no ordinary soon-to-be-12-year-old living in a castle with her magician parents, magician-in-training brother, and talking cat. She had no desire to learn magic and wear dresses. Instead, Igraine wanted to be a knight. She spent her days polishing her ancestor's swords, practicing fencing, and dreaming of jousting in a royal tournament. When Osmund the Greedy, from a neighboring estate, attempts to invade the family's castle and steal the powerful magic singing books, Igraine has a chance to prove her mettle. Facing a giant, a two-headed dragon, and the evil Spiky Knight, Igraine soon learns whether she's got what it takes to save her family and earn the honor of becoming a knight.

Jack Plank Tells Tales by Natalie Babbitt  
Ages 8-12

Jack Plank Tells Tales If you enjoy folktales, you’ll love the fantastical stories of Jack Plank. Mermaids, ghosts, crocodiles and gold all figure into tales of why the former pirate can’t seem to find a new job. When Jack is put ashore after business falls off, he takes up residence at a boarding house in the Caribbean coastal town of Saltwash. Jack is allowed to stay at the house, run by Mrs. DelFresno, under the conditions that he secure employment within a week and that he fit in with the other inhabitants of the house. With the help of Mrs. DelFresno’s young daughter, Nina, Jack explores several job opportunities but finds that none suit him. At the end of each day, Jack regales the residents of the house with another tale of why each job won’t work. Farming won’t do because of Jack’s reluctance to cross bridges for fear of trolls hiding beneath them. Barbering isn’t Jack’s cup of tea since he would constantly be reminded of a fellow pirate named Boris and the trouble Boris had with his beard and a crab. Check out Jack’s adventures to find out what the newly-turned landlubber can do!

Me and the Pumpkin Queen by Marlane Kennedy  Me and the Pumpkin Queen
Ages 8-12

Mildred ("Millie" for short) loves pumpkins. In fact, she's been growing pumpkins in her backyard for the past few years—ever since her mama died. Mildred doesn't grow just regular, run-of-the-mill pumpkins. She grows giant pumpkins with the hope of raising one big enough to enter in the annual Pumpkin Show  in her hometown of Circleville, Ohio. But growing a giant pumpkin isn't as easy as it may seem. Especially when Mildred's Aunt Arlene disapproves of such an obsession. Follow Mildred through the summer as she nurses along her prize pumpkins and demonstrates what a determined 11-year-old can accomplish.

The Pirate, Big Fist, and Me by M.J. CossonPirate and Me
Ages 9-12

After being confined to the school library, Levi Viggers discovers a history book about his town that includes information on his ancestor and namesake, the first Levi Viggers. Levi the First was a former pirate who once served with the infamous Jean Lafitte, and rumor has it that the one-time pirate left behind a buried treasure. Follow along with Levi VIII as he unravels clues to where the treasure might be hidden while trying to avoid his nosy cousin, Big Fist. Learn how digging for treasure can uncover more than gold.

Ruby Lu, Brave and True by Lenore Look Ruby Lu Brave and True
Ages 6-9

If you enjoy Barbara Park’s Junie B. Jones series, you’re going to like Ruby Lu. Ruby Lu is an eight-year-old magician extraordinaire who fiercely loves her little brother, Oscar, (most of the time) and is initially not quite as keen about the prospect of attending Chinese school (where it’s cold and dark and they serve snakes for snack). If you enjoy this title, try the sequel, Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything. Ruby Lu, Brave and True was also nominated for a North Dakota Library Association Flicker Tale children’s book award!

School! Adventures at the Harvey N. Trouble Elementary School
by Kate McMullanSchool Adventures
Ages 6-9

Don't be shy! Laugh out loud at this funny book full of puns! All is not normal in the life of Ron Faster, student at Harvey N. Trouble Elementary School. Each morning Ron is late for school when his bus driver, Mr. Ivan Stuckinaditch, gets the bus stuck in a ditch. But that's just the start of a crazy week with Ron and his friends, Izzy Normal, Dewey Haveto, Luke Out, Abby Birthday, Viola Fuss and more! What kind of school has a principle named Miss Ingashoe, a coach named Mr. Hugh de Mann, and a science teacher named Ms. Roxanne Pebbles? Check it out and see! No, Dewey, you don't have to - but you'll be glad you did!

Trolls Go Home! by Alan McDonald Trlls Go Home
Ages 9-11

When Egbert Troll is humilated by a billy goat after being kicked off a bridge, the Troll family move to the city. The family, including Mrs. Troll and son Ulrick, soon find it isn't easy being a troll in town. Everyone smells sickeningly clean, there are no cow pies handy with which to decorate their home, and there's not a tasty goat in sight. Things go from bad to worse when Ulrick tries to fit in at his new school and Mrs. Troll attempts to deliver a rock gift to the neighbors. Check out this "uggsome" 2008-2009 ND Flickertale Award winner and find out if the Troll family ever learn to make a home for themselves in the city.