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Fargo Community Development Funds

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME)
Social Service and Art Fund

Annually, in the Fall, the City of Fargo considers requests for funding that specifically address at least one of four community development goals. 

pie graph  

1)      Affordable Housing & Homelessness
             •      Create or maintain affordable housing
             •      Increase homeownership in the City of Fargo
             •      Reduce homelessness in the community
2)      Poverty Reduction
             •      Support efforts to increase self sufficiency and personal well-being
             •      Expand economic opportunities for low income individuals  
3)      Community Culture
             •      Promote the principles of fair housing and acceptance of diversity
             •      Help ensure that all Fargo neighborhoods are neighborhoods of choice

4)      Arts and Entertainment
             •      Support a culture of creativity in the community

Community Development Grants are made by the Fargo City Commission, with the recommendation of the Community Development Committee. 

          The City of Fargo will not fund:
             •      Partisan, political, or denominational programs
             •      Endowment campaigns
             •      Individuals
             •      Requests that are not in writing
             •      Programs located outside the City of Fargo, unless directly benefiting Fargo residents 

View a map of Community Development Projects for 2001-2011 (pdf).