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2007 Growth Plan

The Fargo 2007 Growth Plan is available in the links below in a PDF format.  It is broken down by chapter for downloading purposes.

Introduction Background Information: (3.4 MB)

Chapter 1:  Fargo, North Dakota in 2007 (7.4 MB)

Chapter 2:  Goals and Objectives (1.2 MB)

Chapter 3A:  Strategies for Growth (Chapter 3 is broken down into 3 sections for downloading purposes) (7.9 MB)

Chapter 3B:  Strategies for Growth (6.7 MB)

Chapter 3C:  Strategies for Growth (6.5 MB)

Chapter 4:  Growth in the Next 20 Years (7.7 MB)

Chapter 5:  Plan Implementation (255 KB)

Appendices: (5.5 MB)