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In-Service Training

An officer's training doesn't stop when he or she completes the police training program (PTO). Throughout their careers, officers are involved in numerous areas of in-service training. Some in-service training is required annually, while other in-service training is designed to improve the officers skill in different areas of expertise.

Examples of in-service training are:

  • Quarterly firearms training and qualification
  • Problem-solving policing skills
  • Quarterly defensive tactics training   
  • Computer training
  • Emergency vehicle operator course
  • Computer crime training
  • Instructor development
  • North Dakota legislative review   
  • Intoxilyzer training
  • Search and seizure training
  • Narcotics identification
  • Radar certification  
  • Domestic violence training
  • Crime scene investigation   
  • Gangs 
  •  Interview and interrogation skills                         

Some of the benefits of employment in the Fargo Police Department are the numerous opportunities for personal growth and development. These opportunities make the Fargo Police Department a challenging and exciting career choice.

Our employment page outlines the many different types of positions in our department, what we look for in an officer, and how to apply for a job with our department.