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New Recruit Training

After being hired, officers with the Fargo Police Department go through the following training prior to being placed into a patrol position:

Firearms training
The new recruit attends a three-day firearms training and qualification course. This training is designed to familiarize the officer with their new duty equipment, holster and police sidearm. The Fargo Police Department issues all officers Glock model 22 or 23, .40 caliber pistols.

The firearms training course starts with the basic principles of marksmanship. It then incorporates advanced firearms skills, high stress and combat firearms skills. Officers are taught lowlight and flashlight shooting techniques. Safe handling and conduct with firearms while off duty is covered in a classroom and range setting. 

Patrol Carbine Training
Each new officer is trained in the safe handling and operation of an A-15 carbine rifle. Our rifles are used for special tactical situations  Officers are trained when to use the rifle and how to transition to their sidearm when necessary. An annual refresher and qualification is also required

The firearms training culminates with the officer shooting a qualification course. The qualification course is designed to test the officer's ability to perform under high stress, short time limit situations. Officers must pass with a state mandated 70% minimum score to become licensed as a North Dakota Peace Officer.

Active Shooter Training
An Active Shooter situation would be an incident in which a suspect(s) is actively firing weapons at innocent civilians within a building (such as a school). This training begins with the tactical approach to a location where the incident is taking place. Officers are trained on how to quickly form a four- to five-person team and move as one unit towards the structure.  Once inside the location, the team of officers will use a combination of tactics to make a direct advance to the suspect(s) and quickly stop the threat. Officers are trained in these tactics using both their issued Glock pistols and the AR-15 weapon system.  

Defensive Tactics / Response to Resistance
The officer will attend two days of defensive tactics and response to resistance training. This training consists of:

  • Pressure point control tactics
  • Control/restraint holds
  • Ground defense training
  • X26 taser certification
  • Weapon retention skills
  • Use of pepper spray
  • Fargo Police Department response-to-resistance regulations

The purpose of this training is to teach new officers how to defend themselves and others. The training also teaches the officer how to use their defensive tools properly and understand what actions would be necessary and appropriate in accordance with North Dakota law and Fargo Police Department policy.

North Dakota Law Enforcement Training Academy
Newly hired officers with law enforcement skills training from outside of North Dakota or those who have worked for a law enforcement agency outside of North Dakota for at least one year must attend two weeks of basic academy at the Law Enforcement Training Academy in Bismarck, North Dakota, within one year of their hire date.  At the end of this training, the new officer must pass the North Dakota POST Board Licensing exam. Topics covered by the training included:

  • North Dakota criminal law
  • Courtroom testimony
  • North Dakota traffic law
  • Emergency vehicle operation
  • Search and seizure guidelines  
  • North Dakota gaming laws
  • Building clearing tactics       
  • Administrative DUI procedures
  • Dealing with domestic violence