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Common Signs of Drug Trafficing


If you notice the following signs in your neighborhood, contact Detective Bret Witte at 701-241-1515 or e-mail him at . Please leave your name and phone number; providing this information does not mean it will be mentioned in a police report.

Common Signs

•      High volume of visitors staying for short periods (behavior is cyclic, starting, then stopping).
•      Visitors parking down the street from residence.
•      Person has large amounts of cash (beyond what their occupation would indicate). 
•      Secretive behavior (limits access to residence, covers windows, avoids contact with neighbors).  
•      Odor of marijuana or other strong odors (ammonia, or strong chemical odors).

While we do accept anonymous tips, they are much more difficult and costly to investigate. Often these tips are missing small pieces of information that would allow us to apply for a search warrant. We investigate them as our resources allow, but with no phone number to call for more information, we often hit a dead end.