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Planning for the Future

The City of Fargo is interested in adding more transportation choices for citizens.  This can be done by building streets that are easier to use by more types of travelers; people who walk, ride bicycle, or ride transit.  More connections and better provisions for all modes will help increase our transportation system’s capacity and be more cost efficient. 

Providing streets that accommodate these choices will require a different approach and philosophy in planning and design than we’ve used in the past.  Historically, bicycles and bicyclists were left out of the equation when streets were being designed. We are now seeing the need to plan for and design “complete” streets, streets that better serve all users. Our goal is to evaluate all streets to see how they affect different groups, including motorists, pedestrians, transit operators, bicyclists, and people living, working, or otherwise using the adjacent land uses. We believe that by providing more safe transportation choices and better integrating land use with transportation, the community will benefit economically and environmentally.