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Felony Friday

Felony Friday is a partnership between Valley News Live, the Fargo Police Department and citizens to bring wanted criminals to justice. Each Friday, a wanted criminal is featured.

If you have information regarding the whereabouts of any of the featured felons, please contact the Fargo Police Department at (701) 235-4493. You may also submit a tip by calling (701) 241-5777 or text a tip to (701) 730-8841. 

577 Felons have been captured to date!

Please do not attempt to confront or apprehend these criminals


 Nabil Bahgat Omar BahgatEmmanuel JaeploeNicholas Wallace JohnsonTrika Hamilton Nancy HolmanDavid Anderson  Varfee Kamara Joseph Paye   Benjamin Clifford JohnsonRichard A StaplesCraig Loyall OlsonAbdul Karim TurayTrevor ComesflyingAlonzo Lamont GrayBrent HarmerRicky WIlderDennis Keller JrTony TonsagerDavid LahrRosella Star OppegardJeremy Zaleski