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Fighting the Heroin & Opiate Epidemic

 dose of reality

Heroin and opiate abuse is seeping throughout our community into our schools, our jobs and our homes. If you don't know someone affected by heroin, chances are you will someday. Heroin kills more people in the Fargo area than homicides. In 2016, the Fargo Police Department investigated 69 calls for service related to opioid overdoses and, of those, 15 resulted in a death.

 73 percent

Heroin and opiates destroy the lives of the users, their families and our community. It affects us all, rich or poor, white collar or blue. Young and old. Men and women. Heroin and opiates don’t discriminate and knows no bounds.


Prevention is key to combating this epidemic. We need to educate ourselves, our children, family and friends. We need to know the warning signs and take action. Signs of a heroin or opiate addict can be hidden in plain sight. It could be something as simple as spoons going missing. Being aware of these signs can help detour the path to addiction.

As a community, we have to work together towards one goal: to end the opiate and heroin epidemic. 

dont miss the signs  

get help now

Addicted Series

WDAY completed a four part series titled "Addicted" on the opiate epidemic that has infiltrated our community.

Addicted Part 1: Family of Chase Fliginger talks of addiction battle

Addicted Part 2: Impact of overdose crisis on EMS

Addicted Part 3: Stories of strength in recovery

Addicted Part 4: The story of Matt Traynor