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Domestic Violence FAQs

Does the use of alcohol or drugs cause violent behavior in abusers?
While the majority of domestic calls officers respond to involve alcohol and/or drugs, these substances are not the cause of domestic violence. Alcohol and drugs are the catalysts that give many abusers the courage to act out violently. This violence already exist in abusers.

Is domestic violence mainly dealt with in lower socio-economic groups?
No.  We respond daily to violent domestic relationships involving people in all walks of life. This is not a poor person’s problem or a minority person’s problem.  Victims and abusers exist at all social levels, and should be treated the same.

It seems like women are always the victims and men are always being arrested.  Aren’t men ever victims?
Yes.  Nationwide, over 90% of reported victims are women. Unfortunately, many male victims do not feel comfortable reporting abuse against them, especially if the abuser is a woman. We deal with relationships that include heterosexual, homosexual, relatives and platonic roommates. Gender makes no difference in our decision-making process.