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Evidence & Property

evidence tape photo

Evidence items are held until the conclusion of the case or until the officer/detective or prosecuting attorney has authorized its release (there are exceptions for some types of cases).  The evidence and property manager does not make decisions related to the release of evidence.  Questions regarding the release of evidence should be directed to the officer or detective involved in the case.  Letters are sent to owners whose property has been authorized for release.  Property not claimed within 30 days of a letter being sent is disposed of.

Found Property

Items of found property are held for 60 days.  Attempts are made to identify the legal owner and return the item to the owner within those 60 days.  If items are unclaimed or no owner is identified, the property is disposed of or sold at auction ( with the funds going into the City's General Fund.

Property releases are made ONLY with an appointment as very few people have access to the property room.  Appointments are available during daytime hours, Monday-Friday excluding holidays and other days when property staff are unavailable.  When calling to make an appointment or when calling with questions about your property being held as evidence, you will need to provide the police department's case number.

To schedule an appointment, call (701) 241-1422.