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Records & Reports

The Fargo Police Department's Records Division manages all incidents reported, including crimes and accidents.  Included in a report may be the names of a victim; suspect; arrested party, mentioned person or witness; property used, taken or damaged; values of damaged property; and a narrative describing the events that took place.

 small reportsThe life of a criminal record is forever!  After a person becomes a legal adult (at the age of 18), his or her juvenile record is sealed and not available to the public.  All other records remain in our system permanently.  We have incidents on file that go back to 1938.

Criminal and Accident Reports

The Fargo Police Department will only provide a copy of a criminal report if it has been filed CLOSED or INACTIVE.  If the case has not cleared the court process or is a juvenile case, we will not be able to provide you the report. 

Fees for copies of a police report are as follows:


$7 for a full report (requester must be party to the accident- i.e. individual involved or insurance group)

$5 for the back page of the report (requester must be party to the accident)

$2 for the front page of the report (If requester is not a party to the accident, some information is redacted)

Criminal or Other Reports:

$0.25 per page--If the report takes more than one hour to produce, an additional fee of $25 per hour will be assessed to the requester.

Download the Request for Police Report and submit via mail, fax or in person.  Our lobby is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

*You will be contacted by one of the Requester's contacts and advised what the report will cost. Please note payment must be received before reports are released.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the Records Office at (701) 241-1437.

Criminal History Checks

The Fargo Police Department will conduct local criminal history checks for a fee of $10.  The fee must be paid before the check is conducted.  Only arrest information is given out and the information provided is limited to the information maintained by the Fargo Police Department Records Bureau. 

After we receive the fee, a completed Criminal History Request Form and proper information, we will fax the report to you if a fax number is provided; otherwise, we will mail you the report.

If you want a person's complete criminal history, you must contact the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Rental Checks

The Fargo Police Department will conduct safe housing rental checks for rental property owners.  The turn-around time is generally 72 hours. 

Landlords must have completed the entire 8-hour Landlord Training Program, conducted by the Fargo Police Department Safe Housing Coordinator, to be eligible to obtain this information.  Upon completion of this program, landlords will recieve the specified form and be eligible for free criminal history checks on prospective tenants.