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Program overview

The Fargo Police Department offers an internship opportunity for college students looking to receive a practical look at American Policing.  There are two, unpaid, internships offered during the summer months with flexible hours and schedules. Interns will participate in a number of activities to include, but not limited to:

  • Ride alongs
  • Daily shadows with Investigations and Narcotics, Red River Regional Dispatch, Evidence and Property, Records, Crime Prevention, and Crime Free Multi Housing
  • Specialized Projects
  • Community Events such as the Fargo Police Community Picnic, Night to Unite and Fargo Park District Block Parties

Internship selection criteria

  • Must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  • If enrolled in a four year program, must be at a junior or senior level.
  • If enrolled in a two year program, must be in the final year.
  • Must possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher.

Application procedure

Applicants must have their application submitted and received by the Fargo Police Department by the closing date posted or they will not be considered.  Those applicants who are chosen for an oral interview will be notified via mail.  Applicants who receive a conditional internship offer must successfully pass a criminal history check and drug test.

Applicants must submit a copy of their post-secondary education transcripts, a letter of recommendation from their academic adviser, and a one to two page essay describing why they are interested in an internship with the Fargo Police Department and what they think is the most pressing issue in law enforcement.

Submit your completed applications to Officer Jessica Schindeldecker by  mail or by stopping into the police department's lobby during business hours (Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

OFC Jessica Schindeldecker
222 N. 4th St.
Fargo, North Dakota 58102

Internship rules

Interns are required to obey all State and local laws.  Additionally, the following program rules must be obeyed.  Violation of these rules shall be cause for removal from the internship program.

Compensation: Internship opportunities at the Fargo Police Department are unpaid.  Students will not receive any compensation from the Fargo Police Department or the City of Fargo for duties as an Intern.

Safety: Interns must conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times.  Unsafe acts or conditions must be reported to the Shift/Division supervisor and the Internship Coordinator as soon as possible.

Confidentiality: Interns shall treat the office business of the Department as confidential and shall not disseminate information regarding departmental business or operations unless expressly permitted by supervisory staff. 

Weapons: Interns are prohibited from carrying weapons of any kind while acting as an intern.

Enforcement Action: Interns are prohibited from taking any type of enforcement action.  Interns shall not at any time represent themselves as sworn officers.

I.D. Badges: Interns must have their Identification Badge clearly displayed when entering the building and during scheduled work hours (except when impractical or detrimental to the progress of criminal investigations.)  Lost or stolen I.D. badges must be immediately reported to the Internship Coordinator.  Interns are required to return the I.D. badges at the completion of the program.

Conduct: Interns shall not at any time engage in unbecoming conduct which tends to discredit the Department.

Punctuality and Attendance: Interns are required to report to work on time and at their correct duty assignment.  Time off from regular duty will be coordinated with the Intern Coordinator at least two days in advance.  In the event of an illness emergency that will affect the Interns attendance, the student should contact the Intern Coordinator prior to the scheduled shift.

Appearance: Interns will maintain a neat appearance, with clothing that is appropriate for an office work environment (business casual).  Adjustments can be made for certain duty assignments at the discretion of the Intern Coordinator.  The Intern Coordinator or other Fargo Police Department staff retains the right to send an Intern home if clothing is deemed inappropriate.

Courtesy: Interns shall not use profane or intentionally insulting or degrading language or actions toward any other member of the Department or to any citizen.  Interns shall be courteous and tactful in the performance of their duties and shall promptly respond to all reasonable requests for assistance.  Interns shall refer to sworn staff members by their appropriate rank and last name.

For more information, contact OFC Jessica Schindeldecker, by phone at  (701) 461-7872 or email, 

Open Internships:

Summer 2016

Application deadline: Monday, May 2, 2016

Download the Internship Application:

Internship Application picture