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Public Works RFP Archives

Project proposals
Project Expired Date

Work Order Management and
Asset Inventory Software Solution RFP

Bulk Highway Deicing Salt    07/12/13
Vending Services RFP    09/30/13
Agricultural Based Liquid Deicer 10/28/13
Request for Fuel Vendors 12/18/13
Lawn Maintenance Services RFP 02/24/14
Inspection Management Software RFP 08/04/14
Snow Removal RFP_Code Enforcement 09/12/14
Snow REmoval RFP_City Owned Properties 09/12/14
Facility Insulation Services RFP 09/19/14
Non-Toxic Fire Hydrant Antifreeze RFP 10/10/14
Lawn Maintenance Services RFP 03/26/15
equipment proposals
Equipment Expired Date
CSI Truck RFP  09/11/12
Motorcycle RFP 10/15/12
Dual ASL Refuse Truck RFP 01/25/13
Industrial Tub Grinder RFP 02/01/13
Rear Load Refuse Body RFP 02/15/13
Four Wheel Steer Tool Carrier RFP 03/15/13
Rescue Pumper RFP 03/18/13
Articulating Wheel Loader RFP    04/12/13
Rescue Pumper RFP (used) 05/10/13
Hydro-Seeder RFP 05/13/13
Telescopic Crane Truck RFP    05/24/13
Hook Hoist Refuse Body 05/24/13
Motor Grader 07/19/13
Fire Dept. Loose Equipment RFP 08/23/13
Loader Mounted Snow Blower RFP 09/06/13
Truck Mounted Sander RFP 09/06/13
Sewer Jet / Vacuum Truck RFP 09/06/13
Sweeper 12/16/13
Articulated Wheel Loader RFP 02/07/14
Automated Side-Load Refuse Truck RFP 02/24/14
Para Transit Bus RFP 03/14/14
Gate Turning Trailer RFP    04/28/14
Portable Snow Melter RFP 04/28/14
Aerial Lift Truck RFP 05/12/14
Log Loader RFP 05/12/14
Aerial Lift Truck RFP    08/04/14
Box, Plow & Wing RFP 08/11/14
Sign & Crane Truck RFP 10/01/14
Motor Grader RFP 11/21/14
Quint 100' Aerial Fire Apparatus RFP 12/08/14
Auto Side Load Refuse Truck RFP 01/23/15
Motorgrader RFP with Trade 02/09/15
Compost Turner RFP 02/27/15
MTG Mini Van RFP 03/16/15
flood project proposals
Flood Project Expired Date
Compact Wheel Track Loader RFQ 03/15/13
Flood Emergency Pump Rental 03/15/13