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Fargo Recycling


The City of Fargo is introducing ALL in ONE recycling in July 2017. ALL in ONE recycling allows residents to deposit all of their recycling in ONE BIN! No more separating, it’s never BIN easier! For more information, or if you choose not to participate please call (701) 476-4087.

Residents in single family homes are automatically enrolled in the new recycling program, you need to call us if you choose no to participate.

Residents will have one can for garbage and one can for recyclables.  Beginning in July we will no longer collect sorted material from the curb.  We will only collect from the new ALL in ONE cans.

ALL in ONE Recycling details:

  • The cost will be $3.00 per month
  • ALL in ONE recycling replaces the current sorted curbside blue bin collection
  • Residents participating will be delivered a 96 gallon container for recycling in June 2017
  • Collection will remain the same – every other week on your garbage day
  • Recycling drop off sites will remain available for those choosing to transport recycling themselves
  • Current acceptable recyclable material guidelines will remain the same (see the list of items we accept)


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The City of Fargo offers free curbside recycling for residents along with 24 drop-off locations throughout Fargo for the collection of recyclables. Twelve of the sites have containers for all recyclables, including yard waste.

Curbside recycling is collected every other week on your regular garbage collection day. A map and curbside collection calendar are available online to help you determine when yours will be picked up. Each home is provided with one blue recycling bin; the bin is the property of the City of Fargo. If you move into a home and can't locate the blue bin, please call (701) 241-1449 or email us at

The city also offers programs to recycle yard waste, electronics and household hazardous waste.