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Phone books

Year round recycling 

Residents are encouraged to recycle their phone books year round at the following locations:

  • Solid Waste Department at 2301 8th Ave. N. (black container with a blue lid is located inside the gate)
  • Minnkota Redemption Center at 903 4th Ave. N.

Seasonal recycling locations

In addition to the year round locations, containers are placed at additional locations from March 14, 2016 to April 29, 2016. This is the time period new phone books are typically distributed. Only phone books with glued bindings will be accepted.

Recycling containers are present at the following locations:

  • Centennial Area                25th St. & 40th Ave. S.
  • Cash Wise Foods               1401 33rd St. S.W.
  • Longfellow Park                 Elm St. & Forest Ave. N.
  • Coliseum                          10th St. & 17th Ave. N
  • University & 41st Ave         University Dr. & 41st Ave. S (south side of Rose Creek) 
  • Waste Water Plant             10th St. & 37th Ave. N.
  • Fargo Cass Public Health    13th Ave.  & 25th St
  • Osgood Recycling Site        3857 Village Ln.
  • Shanley Recycling Site       5600 25th St. S.
  • Solid Waste Bldg.               2301 8th Ave. N.


In 2015, the City of Fargo recycled over 33,000 pounds of phonebooks. For more information on the Fargo recycling program, visit

Contact us

Please contact the recycling department at 701-298-6944 or with any questions.