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Street performers

Photo of man playing banjoIf you have special talents you’d like to share with the shoppers, walkers and bikers downtown, consider applying for a Professional Sidewalk Entertainer Permit. For $50, street entertainers (also called “buskers”) can apply for a one-year city permit to perform downtown. Applicants under age 18 need the signature of a parent or guardian who will accompany youth at their performances.

Technically, you don’t need a permit to simply entertain downtown.
However, if you’d like to receive tips for your efforts, a permit is required.

Planning Department staff will let applicants know about a few rules. Among other things, you’re not allowed to juggle dangerous objects, consume or be under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or disregard the city’s noise ordinance.

Help make our downtown an exciting place to be! Ask about the Professional Sidewalk Entertainer Permit by contacting the Department of Planning and Development at 241-1474, 200 3rd St. N. or