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Parking on Private Property

Parking in yards and on driveways generates many calls to Fargo City Hall. Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • The only acceptable parking spots in the front yard are on a private driveway or driveway approach.
  • Your vehicle may not extend over any portion of the sidewalk or into the street.
  • Your vehicle must display a current license.
  • The vehicle must be maintained in a drivable condition.

You may receive a parking ticket if you are in violation of these ordinances. To report a parking problem on private property, e-mail or call the Inspections Department at or 701-241-1561.  If you received a parking ticket from an inspector, you may appeal the ticket using our form.  Bring or mail the form to the Inspections Department with a copy of the ticket.

Towing and Recovery of Vehicles

If you have parked your vehicle illegally, the inspector may choose to notify the property owner and the registered owner of the violation by mail rather than issuing a parking citation.  That letter will specify a deadline by which the issue must be corrected.  Should the vehicle remain illegally parked, the vehicle may be towed under City of Fargo ordinance.

The Inspections Department contracts with Hazer's Auto and Truck Parts to remove these vehicles.  You may reach them at 701-282-0441 or at their office at 811 9 St NE, West Fargo ND  58078 for details on how to retrieve a vehicle after it has been towed.  In general, you will need to show current registration and insurance before they will release an impounded vehicle.